SkyBridge Arizona

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is home to SkyBridge Arizona, the nation’s first and only joint air cargo hub to house both U.S. and Mexican customs agents. The joint U.S.-Mexico customs inspection facility will streamline shipments to Mexico through the Unified Cargo Processing (UCP) Program by bypassing the international customs center in Mexico City. Shipments sent from SkyBridge Arizona go directly to their final destinations in Mexico.

Streamlined shipments to and from Mexico aren’t the only benefit for Gateway businesses. SkyBridge Arizona is set to become a driving force in the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area economy, contributing a projected total of $3.8 billion to the gross regional product. Companies at Gateway will be part of that thriving business atmosphere.

The $230 million SkyBridge Arizona project is also projected to add 6,400 direct jobs and 8,400 indirect jobs, as well as increase 2,000 cargo flights per year, reaching 10,000 by 2036. A 15-year build out plan includes water, sewer, and power expansions as well as water retention basins at Gateway.

When completed, SkyBridge Arizona will be unlike any other business development in the area. The 363.5-acre mixed used development will include 1.35 million square feet of aeronautical development, 2.19 million square feet of non-aeronautical development, and 270,000 square feet of commercial development. Additionally, it’s expected to become a premier destination for auto parts and food processing as well as an e-commerce business center.

Interested in learning more? Visit the SkyBridge Arizona website or download the Master Plan.

Review the Environmental Assessment for the SkyBridge Arizona land.

SkyBridge Arizona Conceptual Master Plan

SkyBridge Arizona's Master Plan